Immersive Oasis (IO) is a company based in Asturias, in the north of Spain. IO’s mission is to improve people’s lives in every way possible.

As an innovation company, IO is always looking for the best ways to interact with technology. This is how we came to immersive technology, with experiences in virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and mixed reality (XR).

Now,thanks to our way of seeing and interacting with technology, we can help healthcare teams to improve their skills. From new ways ofunderstanding how a drug works, to top level simulation and soft-skills training. To therapies, and a better understanding of disease for the patient.


For the healthcare market, IO has come with three main products that are updated daily thanks to the feedback of more than 200 professionals who have already tested our experiences.



Our most demanded product. Customizable healthcare training simulations for professionals and students. These simulations can be played alone or asa multiplayer experience, one of the best ways to practice teamwork skills. This product can include:

Different hospital rooms and equipment
Singleplayer/ multiplayer system
Quiz-style questions for knowledge assessment(team or individual responses)
Soft-skills and teamwork data analysis
Simulation data analysis and report


The new IO experience. This product is the result of the feedback from hundreds of professionals who have tested our training system and the AR/XR showroom. Here you can experience a complete immersive journey. In this conference hall you can host a virtual show, a masterclass, or simply explain everything you need to know before your next virtual training session. This is the listof the core features, among some surprises that are best trying out 😉:

Aesthetics, brand image, and room shape can be customized
Ability to have speaker and attendee profiles (multiple speakers allowed)
PowerPoint presentation
Video playback
Interactive 3D objects


    Este proyecto está financiado por el Fondo Europeo de Desarrollo Regional